About Us

For almost 10 years, we have been researching and exclusively marketing the best, highest-quality artisanal par baked pizza crusts rigorously Made in Italy.

We are the only Italian company to stock such a wide range of different types of pizza crusts, allowing us to meet every set of requirements.

We have developed our business through ongoing research into quality and the finest ingredients.

Our sales systems are subject to constant innovation to enable them to fulfil the requirements of a rapidly growing market, and our facts and figures speak for themselves.

From 2010 to 2017, our annual turnover has increased from €300,000 to €3,500,000.

In our first three years in business, we carried out a great deal of product research and development geared toward satisfying the requirements of the Italian market, considering the end customer to be the best “critic” of the pizza product.

Having met with tremendous success on the national market, in 2014 we began to export our products to the rest of Western Europe.

It has proved to be the right decision, as the products have been rapturously received, with double-digit growth being achieved in export markets, too. The entrusting of the storage and distribution operations to Stef (a European leader in the distribution of fresh products) has enabled that expansion, both in Italy and in Europe.

Over the course of the upcoming three-year period, we aim to consolidate our presence at international trade fairs, enhance our customer service and develop state-of-the-art digital solutions (apps, e-commerce, cashback, chatbots, etc.).

We constantly monitor the quality of the production processes in collaboration with an external partner, which conducts periodic audits at the production labs.

The objective of these inspections is to guarantee the consistent, artisanal quality of the product, even when the production volumes are rising exponentially.



Our mission is to build and consolidate long-term relationships with our customers and to provide them with products of ever-increasing quality, promoting true, artisanal Italian pizza crusts throughout the world and highlighting their advantages over inauthentic, non-Italian, industrially produced imitations.


To take our par baked pizza crusts around the world, giving customers everywhere the opportunity to serve an authentic, 100% Italian-made pizza of the highest quality, without requiring a dedicated pizza chef.


To expand our company outwith Europe, seeking out distributors who believe in our products and in our company mission.

To consolidate further the turnover we generate in Europe.

To invest in ongoing research, with a view to achieving products that never fail to comply with our standards of quality, craftsmanship and goodness.

Where we are and contacts

DIAL srl – Pizza Fellas

Via San Giuseppe, 22
24060 Montello (BG) · Italy

Ph. +39 035 841 533 Fax +39 035 066 2233

Where we are and contacts

DIAL srl – Pizza Fellas

Via San Giuseppe, 22
24060 Montello (BG) · Italy

Ph. +39 035 841 533
Fax +39 035 066 2233
Email: info@pizzafellas.com

International Trade Shows

Over of the course of the years we have consolidated our presence in Europe and USA thanks to participation in international fairs such as the ones indicated here

NRA Show

Chicago · USA


Parma · Italy


Rimini · Italy


Cologne · Germany


Geneva · Switzerland


Paris · France